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Online Hearing Test

Free Online Hearing Test

A free online hearing test from Beltone is a terrific way to find out whether to visit an audiologist. It’s fast and easy to take a test at home. While this is not a diagnostic hearing exam from a licensed physician, it’s still a viable way to tell if you need a professional hearing test. Before you start to look for the best hearing aid places, find out if you need a solution for profound hearing loss or if something a little milder will do.

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While most of our customers have no issues taking the test online, if you can’t do your hearing test prep online, call one of our customer service representatives for assistance. They may be able to help you fill out the questionnaire online.

Hearing aid costs from an audiologist can cost between $1800 to $6000, depending on the type chosen. Beltone hearing aids for mild hearing loss are made from custom hearing aid earmolds to ensure the best fit.

To find out if Beltone can help you hear better, take your free online hearing test at home. After your hearing exam, look over your results and call us to find out about Amaze hearing aid specifications or other Beltone hearing aids for mild loss. Contact us for more information or to get started today!