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What to expect: The Beltone Experience

1. Receive a FREE hearing consultation and screening

Doctors recommend people over age 60 get their hearing screened annually. Your Beltone hearing care professional will guide you through the steps of the hearing consultation.

2. Review your health history and lifestyle needs

Ready to start hearing better? The first step begins with understanding your health history and lifestyle needs. Are you outdoorsy? Do you frequent restaurants and public places? Do you enjoy television, music, movies or lectures? Do you work full time? All of these details factor into the kind of hearing aids that are right for you.

3. Understand your results and try a hearing aid

If you've taken a hearing exam and hearing aids are recommended, we'll show you the many styles of Beltone hearing aids that may be right for you. You can try on actual hearing aids to determine the best fit.

4. Start your journey to better hearing

Today is a great day to start hearing what matters the most to you. Book your free appointment now. We look forward to meeting you!