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Invisible in the Canal


Invisible in the Canal (IIC) Hearing Aids

Every ear is different, so the old one-size-fits-all approach to hearing aids isn’t the best for everyone. Beltone understands what it’s like to have a hearing aid that doesn’t fit well or makes your ears sore, squeals feedback loudly into your ears, and is generally as much of a burden as it is an aid. Invisible in the Canal (IIC) hearing aids are small invisible hearing aids that slide into the canal of the ear and stay there comfortably and securely rather than in the outer ear, where they’re more visible, uncomfortable, and clunky.

Invisible in the Canal Hearing Aids

IIC hearing aids are custom-made for each customer. Your unique ear mold is used to create a blueprint that our experts at our manufacturing center use to craft the best possible pair of invisible hearing aids just for you. We know your comfort is paramount, and our hearing aids are made with your utmost satisfaction in mind.

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Best in Canal Hearing Aids

Beltone carries the top-rated hearing aids online. Schedule a visit at one of our numerous Beltone providers to get a skeleton hearing aid earmold. Not only do we carry IIC hearing aids, but we also have CIC hearing amplifiers. Our selection of hearing aids includes so much more than in the canal invisible hearing aids. For additional information about the best in canal hearing aids, contact us today!