Carol Knorr, of Continental Country Club in Wildwood, left, is helped by licensed hearing aid specialist Joe Gallagher to connect her hearing aids to the Bluetooth on her phone at Beltone Hearing Care Center in Pinellas Plaza.

-Caitlyn Jordan, Daily Sun

Beltone Hearing Aids in The Villages reopens it’s location and is welcoming the community after updates & expansions.

In 2012, Sumter County, which includes a large portion of The Villages, had about 1,383 private establishments, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. So far this year there are about 2,390 private establishments, which is a 72.8% increase. Several businesses have recently signed leases to open locations in the community for the first time and a few businesses are welcoming the community back after updates or expansions.

If you or a loved one needs healp with their hearing, please feel free to book an appointment or call us today!

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