Your hearing aids are tiny little devices, and just like your cell phone, they will eventually reach a point where they develop a fault. How do you know when you’ve reached that point? Here are five common signs your hearing aids need repairs.

Sound Comes In and Out

Do you have moments where sound is coming clearly through your hearing aids one moment and then nothing the next? This could be a sign that there is a problem with the batteries. If replacing them doesn’t fix the issue, take your hearing aids to a professional for repairs.

Feedback Stings Your Ears

A high-frequency whistle is normal when you are putting your hearing aid in. However, if you have this irritating, ear-splitting feedback more often than when putting in your hearing aid, they likely need to be examined by a hearing professional.

Feedback is a sign of broken tubing, a malfunctioning microphone, or an inaccurate fit. Whatever the underlying cause, a hearing aid expert can fix the problem so that you no longer have to deal with ringing in your ears.

Sounds Are Muffled

Hearing aids are meant to provide you with crystal clear hearing. So, if you begin to notice sounds are now muffled, and you have to resort to your before-hearing-aids question of “What?” then it’s time to have your hearing devices examined by a hearing care provider. You can try replacing the batteries and cleaning the devices, but if you still notice poor sound quality, you likely need to have your hearing aids repaired or even replaced.

Battery Dies Quickly

When you first get hearing aids, they should last several days or even an entire week. If you notice that the batteries in your hearing aids die after only one day of use, it could be time to get your hearing aids repaired.

There may be an issue with the battery chamber, causing the batteries to die quickly. This often occurs when the hearing aid is exposed to moisture — whether they were spilled on or you wore them without drying your ears after a shower. A hearing professional may suggest repairs or an upgrade if the hearing aids are too worn out.

Will Not Turn On

One of the most significant indicators that your hearing aids are going bad is that the device doesn’t turn on. If you’ve already tried to replace the batteries and it still will not turn on, check to see if the tubing connecting the receiver to the earmold is clogged with earwax. If you’ve checked these two issues, your next best course of action is to speak with an audiologist for hearing aid repairs or replacements.

Bad Hearing Aids? Get Them Repaired!

Keep your eye out for any of these signs that your hearing aids are going bad. The sooner you catch a problem, the sooner you can have repairs done — meaning you can get back to crystal clear hearing.

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