Does your hearing aid whistle like you’re tuning in an old-fashioned radio? The causes of this annoying sound are usually fairly simple, and the solutions equally straightforward. Here’s what you need to know:

Feedback Issues

You may experience something akin to microphone feedback — the howling that makes guests at an event cover their ears. This could arise from several situations. For instance, your earpiece isn’t snug in your ear and the sound is leaking out, only to get picked up and amplified for you, over and over, and there’s your whistle. Either a little push to seat your earpiece or a bit of professional adjustment to your earmolds should do it.

Sometimes when your ear gets covered a bit, feedback can result. Even with certain scarves and hats, you can get a bit of a whistle going. Hugging, lying on a pillow, and similar actions can create a bit of an echo chamber and get the sounds bouncing and tweeting. This situation will clear as soon as the space around your ear is free of echoing objects.

Other Causes

Nonoptimal Settings: The wrong settings can sometimes cause feedback, too. If you can, make adjustments to your hearing aid. However, an audiologist can tune it correctly.

Blockages: Check for ear wax and carefully do a proper cleaning (no cotton swabs) of your ear canal as your doctor has shown you. Also, see if the device’s sound tube can be cleaned or have your provider replace it.

Required Servicing: Though hearing aids are fantastic pieces of technology, sometimes they do malfunction, and your service provider can investigate. We want you to enjoy your hearing without extraneous noises, and are happy to help!

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