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HearMax App

Beltone HearMax - Hearing Aid Phone App

As the leading provider of premium hearing solutions, we are proud to further revolutionize the hearing experience with the Beltone HearMax hearing aid phone app. Over the years, many of our customers have lost and misplaced their hearing aids or found it inconvenient to manage volume. As for volume itself, this setting is often not specific enough; you might want to filter environmental noise while enhancing speech.

While the technology to power such quality of life features has existed for some time, it hasn’t always been practical to control such specialized features. This is where the Beltone HearMax hearing aid phone app comes into play. By using this app, you can manage, locate, and control your technically-advanced hearing aids conveniently from your smartphone.

Hearing Aid Locator App

One common problem that people with hearing aids run into is misplacing or losing them. It’s quite easy to do this, but deeply inconvenient at best and catastrophic at worst considering how valuable reliable hearing solutions can be. One of the Beltone HearMax hearing aid phone app’s key features is that it works as a hearing aid locator app.

Personalize Your Hearing Experience

With the Beltone HearMax app, you can adjust your hearing aids based on your environment. If you are somewhere loud or windy, just tap the Sound Enhancer button on the main screen and reduce background or wind noise. If you want to focus on a person talking in front of you, use the Speech Focus setting to isolate and enhance the conversation. Our assortment of hearing aids online cater to an individualized hearing experience, including:

Our Advanced Settings

Our app comes with advanced settings that can soften or filter the noise you experience and highlight what you want to hear. If you’re having trouble with the settings on your hearing aids, you can put in a request for hearing care support, and one of our specialists will send you new settings. Everyone is unique, and you deserve hearing loss solutions that match your needs. To get started, take our free online hearing test.

Discover Hearing Aids That Work With HearMax App

Beltone Rely works to support many of the latest and greatest hearing aids with our hearing aid app. For more information about our hearing aid app and related products — including CIC hearing aids, Amaze hearing aids, and more — contact us today!

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