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Beltone Imagine™

A tailor made hearing experience.

Beltone Imagine Hearing Aid
Beltone Imagine Hearing Aid

A truly tailored hearing solution.

At Beltone, we understand that your hearing is as unique as you are. And finding the right solution for your needs and lifestyle can make all the difference. That’s why our extended family of the Beltone Imagine hearing aid has a solution for every need and lifestyle.

Beltone Imagine Hearing Aid

Tailored chargers

Keep your rechargeable Beltone Imagine™ Receiver-in-Ear (RIE) hearing aids powered up wherever you go with our Premium Charger. As Beltone’s most cutting-edge charging equipment, the charger offers excellent performance and several unique features. With the charger stowed safely in your purse, luggage, or vehicle’s center console, you’ll be ready to recharge up to two hearing aids at a time— whether or not you have access to an electrical outlet. The integrated carrying case and lid make on-the-go charging of your hearing equipment easy.

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Beltone Hearing Care From Anywhere

Smartphone hearing aid app integration isn’t the only way that Beltone Imagine hearing aids utilize modern connectivity. Remote care allows you to reach out for the help of an expert, no matter where you are.

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